• External Health, Counseling, and Crisis Resources for Families


    Washington County 

    24-hour Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111

    Do not hesitate to call if you or someone you care about is in crisis/feeling suicidal. The crisis line will help you make next steps.

    *For non-urgent counseling needs, you can call your insurance to assist in a referral. If you need support with this process, you can call the crisis line or talk to one of the counselors in the school district.


    Forest Grove School Based Health Center (Washington or Yamhill County Gaston Students are welcome!)


    Located in the Forest Grove High School Parking Lot (next to the tennis courts).

    Address: 1715 Nichols Lane Forest Grove, OR 97116, Phone: (503) 359-4057 

    Forest Grove SBHC is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8am-4:30pm for onsite mental and medical health appointments. 

    Yamhill County

    24-hour Yamhill County Crisis Line at 1 (844) 842-8200 

    Do not hesitate to call if you or someone you care about is in crisis/feeling suicidal.

    Yamhill County Youth and Family Services

    Yamhill County Youth and Family Services can help connect you to needed mental health support.

    *Yamhill County Youth and Family Services do take OHP and some insurances and some sliding scale payments. There is no out of pocket cost for crisis visits, but without insurance, there are charges associated with any other kind of visit/assessment.

    Call: (503) 434-7462, Hours are 8a.m.-5p.m. Drop-ins for crisis are ok, but a phone call ahead is preferred.

    Address: 420 NE 5th Street, McMinnville, OR 97128 

    Youth Line

    YouthLine is a free teen-to-teen crisis support and help line.  

    Youth Line is a service from Linesoflife. Teens can text, chat, or call to talk to another teen.

    Teens are available to help daily from 4-10pm PST (adults are available by phone at all other times!).

    More Local Mental Health Resources

    The Behavioral Health Focus Quick Guide has many local mental health resources.


    La Guía Breve Para Identificación y Atención  a los Comportamientos Saludables comparte información acerca de acceso a los servicios disponibles para asistirles.