• Introduction to the Elementary Counselor and the GES Comprehensive School Counseling Program

    Welcome! My name is Karissa Worst and I am the K-6 school counselor.

    I am here to meet the social-emotional, academic, and career needs of our students. I am working to build a comprehensive school counseling program that aligns with ASCA and the Oregon Framework of School Counselors, including a focus on community involvement. It is my great honor to work with your children.

    Services I Offer:

    • Classroom instruction
    • Small Group Counseling
    • Short-Term Individual Counseling
    • Referrals/Resources (counseling, physical needs, etc)
    • Parent and Teacher Consultation
    • Collaboration with all stakeholders to meet the needs of the students.
    • Crisis/Suicide Intervention
    • Comprehensive School Counseling Program Development & Management
    • 504 Coordinator
    • PBIS Check-in/Check-out
    • Parenting webinars/classes and referrals


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  • GES Comprehensive School Counseling Program Vision

    Gaston Elementary has a vision of all students having equitable access to opportunities for learning and success. We strive to develop students into lifelong learners who will be college and career ready through a comprehensive, accessible school counseling program. We envision our students becoming responsible, courageous, proud members of their communities, as well as global citizens who strive to make a positive impact on their environment.

    GES Comprehensive School Counseling Program Mission

    Gaston School District’s guiding statement is to guide all students towards opportunities necessary for success. With this goal in mind, our comprehensive school counseling program seeks to facilitate social-emotional health and learning, academic achievement, and career and college readiness for every student. We work with all stakeholders in a data-driven approach to assess that we are meeting our goals, to recognize needs, and to make changes necessary for success. One of our key missions is to provide early intervention for students who need additional support. GES values equity with the goal of closing the achievement gap and offering a welcoming environment to every student, facilitating a school culture of kindness and acceptance, and to grow our students into productive community members who feel valued, supported, and capable of reaching their post-secondary goals.

    GES works towards a comprehensive school counseling program, as mandated by OAR 581-022-2060. If you are interested, I wanted to share this document with you that describes my role as a school counselor, as well as what a comprehensive school counseling program looks like.